Poem: The Three Great Motivators

The Three Great Motivators III

-You fear, you hate, you love to death

Every evil
Action, comes a
Reaction from those distressed,

And if the
Nerves of the people should be put to test,
Great things, will always
Erupt from within
Revealing the power of the collective.

Live a life
Others can
Value and respect, and
Everyone will benefit from it.

Late Earth Day Poem

A War for Peace

Battle after battle…

What is peace but war postponed?
What is the battlefield
But another home
Of a friend, whom I’ve never met.

 And while the battle may be over
 The war is never won
 Each and every encounter
 Leaves a scar upon the face of the earth.

This face looks upon her children with tears
And wonders how many years she must endure
How long can we destroy, before we destroy ourselves?
It’s only a matter of time…

And time will tell his story of mother earth
For ages and ages on end
It began with a battle
and so did it end.

Questions: What is Spirituality?

When we hear the word spirituality, some equate this with religion others equate it with practices such as meditating or yoga, or something like that. To me in in it’s simplest form it shares the same definition as art, spirituality is freedom of expression, freedom to express what the waters of the creative potential can channel through your individual pipeline. So as my definition of art is personal expression, spirituality is living art, the expression of life.

I posted this poem before but here it is again:

The Living Expressionist

– Everywhere you go you paint…

I was to give you a paintbrush,
And ask you to paint a picture,
That was worth a thousand words.
What story would it tell?
To all those who observed.

Would it tell of fiction in its lines,
Of friendship within its colors,
Broken sorrow in its skies?

Of great trees
grown from the seeds of success
Of judgement:
guilt or innocence.
Of clarity from the waters deep
A pillow where my thoughts can sleep.

Pouring over pedestrian faces
Would I see a gambler of fate?
Could I analyze the brush strokes
to reveal feelings which motivate
Was it love or hate?
Or maybe fear.

Fear of losing that which you try to capture
So you continue painting faster,
faster, until the piece is done.
Its worn, tattered texture tell
How many ages ago
this paint had dried as well.

Would it echo back to me
With the voice of reason,
What you’ve seen through solemn eyes?
Would I find within its shadows,
the shadow of a lie?

All while gazing through its windows,
At the inner workings of your mind.

And if everyone in the world had a brush,
Which picture would they paint of you?
Which one would be most accurate,
Within so many points of view.



Discovering Future Potential

I will be looking for higher energy content now that a lot of the darker stuff is out of the way. We need to conceive of higher possibility and move beyond instead freezing into stagnation. I wanted to get the darker stuff out of the way so people could see the reasoning, the futility of clinging to these century and Milena old systems with their own eyes.You can never force anyone to do anything but you certainly can open their eyes. I just point things out, people must do things of their own accord.

Instead of supporting the megalopolies, you can support people like yourselves through Kickstarter. There are some real geniuses out there.

KickStarter- Discovering Future Potential – There are some great ideas and projects to support here.

3-D printing has the power to decentralize manufacturing power to the people.

If any of you have any more inspiring ideas or inventions and the like please post it.

The Last and Greatest of the Lies


This is also one of the reasons for chem trails.

Hologram Army Info   In Use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq54i1zo0CY

Cloud Sculpting

Project Blue Beam – Realtime Holograms & Augmented Reality – YouTube

Project Blue Beam of NASA (The Pope just stepped down right in alignment with prophecy that is followed so diligently).