About True Theory

Disclaimer: The information contained herein this blog is expressed based on my viewpoint/perspective and understanding. These posts are born of a desire to share an expression, a desire to share some of my thoughts with the world (or at least the web). The intended purpose of these expressions is to push you in new directions, to stir your thoughts and bring into your awareness some new modalities of thought, to inspire. Nothing here, or elsewhere for that matter, should be taken without a grain of salt. These are not dictates, or commandments, these are simply provocations. If there was ever to be a mandate I would say: Never stop questioning, question everything and push everything as far as you can possibly conceive and bring it back into balance so that you may understand it further, and take only what you need for truth. This will increase your plasticity. With all of that said, lets see what we can figure out, together.


Hello Friend,

Thank You for taking the time to visit this blog. I seek no fame or fortune, for my fortune lies in seeing a better world for all. I find it difficult to enjoy happiness when others are suffering and so I have made it my duty to reduce that suffering wherever I can. I may not have all of the answers, but I will give you what I can deduce and what resonates from within my being, that is my virtue. I wish to bring to your attention certain issues and concepts so that we may solve these problems together. The first step is awareness and “no problem can be solved at the level of consciousness at which it was created.” One of the most dangerous things in this life is a stagnated world view, in a universe of change, to stagnate is resist the natural unfolding of life. My hope is that all may be freed to allow their greatest expression to shine. So if you would join me, as we quest for truth and wisdom, as we look at the positive, the negative and all of the in between. As we try to make some sense of this wonderful world and explore many facets of life. I hope each time you visit you will leave a little wiser and will see the synchronicity, beauty and just how connected we really are.

Off you go.

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