Hidden Power and Potential

It is time to evolve not revolve or regress. One of the key factors in evolution is recognizing your own potential. The human mind and body in conjunction with the creative spirit, are very powerful instruments more so than some would like to believe.  If you have seen a some of the previous posts, I have mentioned that energy follows thought, energy follows symbols, energy is behind everything in existence. I have one question for you, have you ever considered why the placebo effect works in the first place? It is not the medicine that is powerful, it is the energy behind it. The thoughts and things you choose to believe affect your very reality. This is why many love to keep you in fear, it initiates a low state-of-mind, fight-or-flight, which is a survival instinct and little else, often leading to not well thought-out-decisions.

It has been said that the subconscious does not distinguish between fiction and reality. So what you hold true at a subconscious level greatly affects you. It operates at a higher level, and is able to perceive things the conscious mind cannot, this is why subliminal messages are accepted by the subconscious despite being very short.

This is why it is important to be your own advocate. When you hold a doctors opinion or diagnosis in higher esteem than what you wish to be the outcome, what do you think is the result? What happens when a doctor tells you “there is nothing we can do” and because you hold the doctors diagnosis in higher esteem than your own conviction, a recovery that could have happened is prevented.

Know the power of you own intention, thought, and love.

(note: all the people who talked about love seemed to be taken out pretty quickly)

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