Universal Theory: Understanding Our Universe

Disclaimer: The information contained herein this blog is expressed based on my viewpoint/perspective and understanding. These posts are born of a desire to share an expression, a desire to share some of my thoughts with the world (or at least the web). The intended purpose of these expressions is to push you in new directions, to stir your thoughts and bring into your awareness some new modalities of thought, to inspire. Nothing here, or elsewhere for that matter, should be taken without a grain of salt. These are not dictates, or commandments, these are simply provocations. If there was ever to be a mandate I would say: Never stop questioning, question everything and push everything as far as you can possibly conceive and bring it back into balance so that you may understand it further, and take only what you need for truth. This will increase your plasticity. With all of that said, lets see what we can figure out, together.


Hello one and all,

It’s a big Universe out there, and yet very small if you can see the intricate connections inherent within it. Everything is connected in one way or another. If you stick with me for a little while I’ll try to show you some of the beauty (as well the ugly) that I see in life and hopefully you’ll have something to share with me as well. It’s a big Universe, full of mystery, together we can explore its ups, its downs, its wisdom, its pain, and it’s glory. From the understanding gained we can begin to apply this to our world, we will create Heaven on this very Earth.  It is not in our power, our strength or intelligence, or beauty that our gifts lie, but in our potential. It is this potential that is the greatest gift, potentiality is not a one-time thing, it is the gift that keeps on giving. Each of is a hero or heroine of our own making, each of us is our own savior and each of us have to capability within ourselves to change the world to something truly worth living in. I’m ready when you are, I’ve been waiting a long time, so let us begin my friends!

This is a teaser for a video or series I may produce if I have the time.

*This is my first time doing a blog so be easy on me as I learn the ins and outs.

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