Discovering Future Potential

I will be looking for higher energy content now that a lot of the darker stuff is out of the way. We need to conceive of higher possibility and move beyond instead freezing into stagnation. I wanted to get the darker stuff out of the way so people could see the reasoning, the futility of clinging to these century and Milena old systems with their own eyes.You can never force anyone to do anything but you certainly can open their eyes. I just point things out, people must do things of their own accord.

Instead of supporting the megalopolies, you can support people like yourselves through Kickstarter. There are some real geniuses out there.

KickStarter- Discovering Future Potential – There are some great ideas and projects to support here.

3-D printing has the power to decentralize manufacturing power to the people.

If any of you have any more inspiring ideas or inventions and the like please post it.

Letter of Apology: Selling Your Kingdom

I would like to apologize,

to the younger generation, for us selling out your kingdom, before you could be crowned. I’m sorry we sold your future to those who could not care less. I’m sorry for the shape its in, geez, what a mess. I’m sorry your dreams may not come true. I’m sorry for the games adults choose to play, if everyone had your wisdom, we’d be seeing better days. I’m sorry, so sorry through and through, for selling out your kingdom, right from under you.