Reconnecting to Nature

Tides of Impermanence

There are many currents in the tides of impermanace

A seed grows into a tree
A tree is cut into wood
The wood is burned in a fire
The ash is used in art
The art is sold at an auction,
And seeds are bought again.

A seed grows into a tree
A tree is cut into wood
Shavings are turned to pulp
Pulp is turned into paper
On paper is written a letter
Asking for more seeds.

A seed grows into a tree…

I believe it is important to keep an ever evolving world-view, an expanding awareness. It seems our lives have become increasingly boxed in, where our awareness is limited to a smaller perspective. There are walls and screens everywhere, and people have lost their connection to nature. For most, something has to happen in order for them to become aware of an issue. We have lost our connection to the planet, and nature itself, the very thing that sustains us. You don’t have to be a “nature-freak” to realize the importance of taking care of our planet and each other. Look at how scientists look for planets similar to Earth, it does seem to be pretty rare to find a planet of such beauty and resource. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, it could be something as simple as taking a walk, in the open air and stop and think for a second about your connection to the planet, your Macro-Mother. There’s nothing wrong with material things but they are destroyed with time, and what remains is what was there before: nature.

I think it’s especially important to for children to recognize their connection to nature and life itself so that they have that to draw on when they are older.

Free Aesop Fable:



Poem: The Three Great Motivators

The Three Great Motivators III

-You fear, you hate, you love to death

Every evil
Action, comes a
Reaction from those distressed,

And if the
Nerves of the people should be put to test,
Great things, will always
Erupt from within
Revealing the power of the collective.

Live a life
Others can
Value and respect, and
Everyone will benefit from it.

Late Earth Day Poem

A War for Peace

Battle after battle…

What is peace but war postponed?
What is the battlefield
But another home
Of a friend, whom I’ve never met.

 And while the battle may be over
 The war is never won
 Each and every encounter
 Leaves a scar upon the face of the earth.

This face looks upon her children with tears
And wonders how many years she must endure
How long can we destroy, before we destroy ourselves?
It’s only a matter of time…

And time will tell his story of mother earth
For ages and ages on end
It began with a battle
and so did it end.

Questions: What is Spirituality?

When we hear the word spirituality, some equate this with religion others equate it with practices such as meditating or yoga, or something like that. To me in in it’s simplest form it shares the same definition as art, spirituality is freedom of expression, freedom to express what the waters of the creative potential can channel through your individual pipeline. So as my definition of art is personal expression, spirituality is living art, the expression of life.

I posted this poem before but here it is again:

The Living Expressionist

– Everywhere you go you paint…

I was to give you a paintbrush,
And ask you to paint a picture,
That was worth a thousand words.
What story would it tell?
To all those who observed.

Would it tell of fiction in its lines,
Of friendship within its colors,
Broken sorrow in its skies?

Of great trees
grown from the seeds of success
Of judgement:
guilt or innocence.
Of clarity from the waters deep
A pillow where my thoughts can sleep.

Pouring over pedestrian faces
Would I see a gambler of fate?
Could I analyze the brush strokes
to reveal feelings which motivate
Was it love or hate?
Or maybe fear.

Fear of losing that which you try to capture
So you continue painting faster,
faster, until the piece is done.
Its worn, tattered texture tell
How many ages ago
this paint had dried as well.

Would it echo back to me
With the voice of reason,
What you’ve seen through solemn eyes?
Would I find within its shadows,
the shadow of a lie?

All while gazing through its windows,
At the inner workings of your mind.

And if everyone in the world had a brush,
Which picture would they paint of you?
Which one would be most accurate,
Within so many points of view.



Hidden Power and Potential

It is time to evolve not revolve or regress. One of the key factors in evolution is recognizing your own potential. The human mind and body in conjunction with the creative spirit, are very powerful instruments more so than some would like to believe.  If you have seen a some of the previous posts, I have mentioned that energy follows thought, energy follows symbols, energy is behind everything in existence. I have one question for you, have you ever considered why the placebo effect works in the first place? It is not the medicine that is powerful, it is the energy behind it. The thoughts and things you choose to believe affect your very reality. This is why many love to keep you in fear, it initiates a low state-of-mind, fight-or-flight, which is a survival instinct and little else, often leading to not well thought-out-decisions.

It has been said that the subconscious does not distinguish between fiction and reality. So what you hold true at a subconscious level greatly affects you. It operates at a higher level, and is able to perceive things the conscious mind cannot, this is why subliminal messages are accepted by the subconscious despite being very short.

This is why it is important to be your own advocate. When you hold a doctors opinion or diagnosis in higher esteem than what you wish to be the outcome, what do you think is the result? What happens when a doctor tells you “there is nothing we can do” and because you hold the doctors diagnosis in higher esteem than your own conviction, a recovery that could have happened is prevented.

Know the power of you own intention, thought, and love.

(note: all the people who talked about love seemed to be taken out pretty quickly)