Defense Against the REAL Dark Arts – Lesson 2: Dark “Wizards” & Energy Manipulation

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Defense Against the REAL Dark Arts – Lesson 2: Dark wizards and Energy Manipulation

Preface: Many of you have heard of the Illuminati/NWO conspiracies, and many take this opportunity to create an enemy for themselves. This mentality which has been called “Us vs Them” only “creates greater resistance” (hands pushing together) and “adds fuel to the fire.” In lesson 1, I showed some examples of manipulation, in this lesson I will be dealing with “Who” and “Why.” These people we should not hate, they are like siblings who a bit mischievous, and who insist on play cop and robber, but don’t know when to call it quits. We can give them a hint by not falling for their tricks anymore. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…”

The Illuminati Masterminds: Dark Magicians of this World

“The worst thing to call someone is crazy, it’s dismissive” – Dave Chappelle.

So, many people now know of the Illuminati, and either believe or don’t believe in them, Hate them or think they are just rich snobs. So many know of them, but do not “know” them or why they do what they do. Good/Evil are subjective words, used by those who think they are good, but everyone has their justifications. As far as I can tell, the Illuminati do exist, and their actions indicate they do not have most people’s best interest in mind.  Many have seen the symbols and gestures and equate these with “evil” or “Satanic.” They are both right and wrong. There are no evil gestures, symbols, numbers, or even people. If we take that approach, then soon something as simple as waving to someone could be deemed evil and we cannot limit our expression in this manner, that is, not if we truly want to be free. What is important in any situation is context, it is the intent behind the symbols or words or gestures. So 666 is not evil, eye of Ra is not evil, Illuminati are not evil, they have malintent or “evil” intention. You can call your friend an idiot and laugh, but if you do that do a stranger it might not be the same (either in giving or reception). For the Illuminati, it serves as a form of “energy-harvesting.” Energy can be attached to symbols, just as it can art, music, etc. And just as words have a certain feeling depending on the intent or connotation attached to them, it can be good or bad, the fact that they do not tell you they are doing it, to me, indicates their intention is not “good.”

*Do not send any of these people hate mail, etc. that would be fueling the fire. Simply acknowledge it, do not be fooled by it, expose it, and move on.

Energy Harvesting and Symbolism

This is why a lot of different celebrities do the same gestures over and over, in front of crowds. This is why so many complain of the mainstream media (movies, games, music) as being untalented today. Many do not even have to be “talented,” they just have to be willing to do certain things. With these symbols, they are sending energy to a thought-form, one can call this “Satan” if they wish. I am not sure if the mythical being “Satan” existed prior to this, but with enough energy, it can become a manifestation. This is why it is important not to lend credence to that energy. Many have unintentionally lent energy to this thought-form called “Satan,” myself included. This is why celebrities should not be worshiped. In fact, never put anyone on a pedestal, just remember that, at some time, of some day, at some point in their lifetimes, that person has had diarrhea ;). That will humble anyone.

Please view any of the following videos

Warning: The man named Bill Cooper is speaking on behalf of his religious background, but he is also telling you what “they” utilize as tools, so please don’t allow that to leave a sour taste (for those who hate religion).

Bob Dylan says “devil” but it is censored. Please remember do not spread fear. It is important to understand these things so that you may not be trapped by them. Understand, expose, but please do not fear-monger, it is a painful lesson to learn (trust me). NOTE: I am going to preemptively state that this is not about religion, so please do not compartmentalize, it is about who is doing what and why.

Note: Brittany Spears has exhibited an odd behavior in her interview, I will be discussing this is a later post.

I love Nassim Haramein and what he teaches, but watch very carefully what he does with his hands during this presentation. From the 1:04 mark onwards, you will see a praying gesture and his eyes dart somewhere, and “okay” gesture which stands for 666 (try it yourself see the three background fingers make three 6s. There are also some other familiar ones. While he has an audience, all of their attention is directed at him. If you know about quantum physics, you may have heard of the “observer effect” to which I would say this corresponds. He likely is directing that energy to a someone or something, most likely a thought-form.

This post may be updated, so check back. Share this information if you wish. I recommend downloading the videos and mirroring them as they are known to remove them. Also checkout the Healing Arts to see some more positive solutions and information.

Defense Against the REAL Dark Arts – Lesson 1: Unmasking “Evil”

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Defense Against the Real Dark Arts Lesson 1: Unmasking Darkness

The first step to defending yourself against the dark arts is awareness. In order to defend oneself against darkness/manipulation, one must first recognize that they are being influenced/manipulated. It’s similar to magic, if you can recognize the tricks you will not be fooled by them. The best defense against “dark energy” is to be aware, then to expose it, that others themselves may become aware, no longer be fooled by the tricks and it has no room to grow. This is to shed “light” upon that which was in darkness before. It is important to note that like adding fuel a fire, resisting “evil” only strengthens it. If you wish to test this, simply push both of your hands together and call one “good” and the other “evil.” Instead of trying to force one’s way through it, it is easier to take a “path of less or least resistance.” To use the same analogy it would be to slide your hands alongside your arm instead of trying to force through it. Hone the ability to discern when someone is attempting to manipulate you: Recognize, Expose, and don’t add fuel the fire. Keep your wits about you and please, upon learning about these things do not spew forth hatred towards any person. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Do not repress your emotions this is unhealthy, but so is holding onto them, or misdirection of them. If you must be angry, let it be with the situation and NOT THE PEOPLE.

Dark Art: Secretive manipulation of consciousness through subliminal, symbolism, and linguistic programming.

Recognizing manipulation techniques

1.) Neuro-linguistic Programming

If someone repeats synonyms, key phrases, many times (usually 3 in a row), there is a chance they may be using a technique called Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP for short). It is exactly what it sounds like, using language to program the listener. Here is an example below:

2.) Predictive Programming

This is a technique used by the “illuminati/NWO” by which they show you events they have planned. I am not certain on the reasoning for this but it might be because it makes you more susceptible to accepting the events or the story told of them when they happen. It may also be some strange form of mockery or some twisted combination of the two. There is also a reason for the symbolism (the all seeing eye, etc.) plastered everywhere. This will be discussed in lesson 2.

3. Subliminal Messages

As we all know, we live in a sea of advertisements, and constant bombardments about consumption in this culture. There are people who utilize knowledge of the “subconscious mind “to manipulate others into being more susceptible to whatever it is the programmer desires. If you’ve ever had the urge to buy something after watching TV, it may be because of this, Tell-A-Visions emit Alpha waves, which put you into a lower state of consciousness similar to when you are sleepy it makes you agree to things more readily, this makes you more susceptible to whatever poo they put on TV.

I may update this post with resources so check back and share this information if you wish so that others may be freed from the course of “evil” being perpetrated against them right now. I also ask that you download these videos in case they decide to remove them.