The Last and Greatest of the Lies

This is also one of the reasons for chem trails.

Hologram Army Info   In Use:

Cloud Sculpting

Project Blue Beam – Realtime Holograms & Augmented Reality – YouTube

Project Blue Beam of NASA (The Pope just stepped down right in alignment with prophecy that is followed so diligently).

Environment – GeoEngineering & Weather Manipulation

Ask them, Why in the World are they spraying?

Official excuse:  To combat global warming

1.) Destroy crops, to make people buy Monsantos “terminator seeds” which are sterile requiring repurchase every year for farmers.

2.) Manipulate weather, (cause droughts, snow, rain, etc.) noticed anything lately?

3.) When we breath in these metals it has been said that they collect on certain glands in the brain, namely the pineal gland, which many people believe is the third eye. In effect, a form of subtle mind control, which keeps the public sedated.

Stratospheric Cloud Seeding Patent

Illness associated with “Chem Trials”