Where do we go from here?

There are problems in the money system that are inherit, which I may discuss later if necessary. The main being that it is finite, meaning, you cannot have unlimited amounts of it which leads to a cell vs cell scenario. Further, jobs are naturally phased out by progress, cell phones of today can replace 4, 5 or more of yesterdays devices. This is called cannibalization and is why companies employ such tactics as “planned obsolescence,” in which they purposefully hold back on features which in turn makes technology pile up in landfills as people seek the latest gadget or they plan to have them break after a set amount of time. Not to mention it is practically voluntary-involuntary servitude, as long as everything has a price there can never be freedom for those who don’t wish to play monopoly but life. If people want to use money, that is entirely up to them but those who do not want to shouldn’t essentially have to. Do we stagnate or do we progress?

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the darker aspects, we can begin to raise the vibrations from there. The question is: What kind of world do you the individual, you the community, you the world want to live in? That is not for me to decide, I simply point things out, it is for you to decide and “we” to decide. This can be done just by virtue of expression, this can be done by ideas, and projects. The choice is and has always been yours.

This man has some interesting ideas. You can use these to stimulate your thought.


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